This competitive, fun partner workout has 5 divisions:  

  • Regular

  • Competitive (beer required, female/female OR female/male, with a judge and eligible for prizes)

  • Adaptive Athletes (1:40pm heat) - * * Please use Coupon Code:  adaptive  at checkout.  Our event will provide FREE registration to any adaptive adult or kid in recognition of the fact that these athletes have medical situations that may cause financial hardships.  The adaptive division is Powered by OrthoCarolina!


  • Teen

  • Kids "Brownies and Burpees" (1pm heat) - * * Any adaptive kids please use the coupon code:   adaptive  at checkout to get FREE registration * *

You don't drink??  You can't do all of the exercises??...No problem!  Just sign up for the Regular Division where drinking is optional and exercises can be modified.  See the "Register Now" page for more info on costs and to see what is included with your registration costs.

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The Workout - Regular, Competitive, teen(no beer for teens):

All exercises and drinking can be split any way you like between the two partners, except for the 250m run which both partners have to complete each round.   Only 1 person per team can be working out at a time, except for the run which both partners do together.  Each team will be given 3 cans of beers (36 oz), those 3 beers will be divided up equally in 4 Cups and drank at 4 different times during the workout.  The workout:

Drink a Cup of Beer

1st round of Workout:  250m run, 25 Wall Balls (Modification = Air Squats), 25 Box Jumps (Mod = Box Step Ups), 25 Pullups (Mod = Jumping Pullups or Pushups) and 25 Burpees.

Drink a Cup of Beer

2nd round of Workout: same as above.

Drink a Cup of Beer

3rd round of Workout: same as above.

Drink a Cup of Beer

Time Cap of 25 minutes


Adaptive division (1:40pm heat):

Adaptive Athletes - Register under the "Regular Division" and choose the 1:40pm Heat Time which consists of Adaptive Athletes & non-Adaptive Athletes.

Same rules as above for drinking and sharing of exercises, however, drinking is optional. * * * At checkout, use the "adaptive" coupon code and/or in the comments, add "Adaptive Division".

3 Rounds - 25 minute cap

250m Wheeled Sprint/Row/Arms Only Row (Both partners)

25 Seated Wall Balls/Wall Balls to a Box/Weighted Squats

25 Burpees to a Box/Floor to Box Transfers (20/12)/Push Ups to Plates or Box

25 Ring Rows/Pull Ups to Anchored Bar/Seated Ring Dips/Seated Box Dips

25 Step Ups/Step Ups to Alternate Heights/Chair Transfers/Floor to box Transfers

* Questions/Clarifications - Contact Dr. Amanda Kloo at Project Momentum Fitness:

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kids "Brownies and Burpees" DIVISION (1pm):

The workout is 3 Rounds of the following:  Eat a Brownie, 250 yard run, 25 lunges, 25 jumping jacks, 25 air squats and 25 burpees.  15 minute Time Cap.


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