ALL Adaptive Athletes - Kids & Adults - are FREE!    

Use the “ADAPTIVE” coupon code at check out.

There will be a $1 charge due to insurance. Our event recognizes that Adaptive Athletes have additional expenses that they incur from medical bills, transportation costs, specialized childcare, etc. and we want this event to be an inclusive environment where finances are not another obstacle for them.  


Adult Adaptive Division - 1:40pm HEAT

Use Coupon Code: ADAPTIVE for free registration

WORK OUT - 3 Rounds - 25 minute cap - 1 optional beer before each round (shared by the partners) plus 1 beer at the end.

250m Sprint/Row/Arms Only Row (Both partners) ** Wheeled athletes will not have a wheeled sprint option and instead will row **

25 Seated Slam Balls/Slam Balls to a Box

25 Burpees to a Box/Floor to Box Transfers (20/12)/Push Ups to Plates or Box

25 Ring Rows/Pull Ups to Anchored Bar/Seated Ring Dips/Seated Box Dips

25 Step Ups/Step Ups to Alternate Heights/Chair Transfers/Floor to box Transfers



Use Coupon Code: ADAPTIVE for free registration

WORKOUT - 3 Rounds - 15 minute cap:

Eat a Brownie

250 yard run

25 lunge25 jumping jacks

25 air squats

25 burpees

See this video for Movement Adaptations...

Questions on Adaptive Movements?  Contact Dr. Amanda Kloo at or Mike at